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Model My Watershed FAQ

A quick guide to basic usage of Model My Watershed. For in-depth information about the Model My Watershed Site Storm Model and Watershed Multi-Year Model, please consult the technical documentation.

1. How Do I Connect/ Log In/ Create a Model My Watershed Account?

Creating an account gives you access to the use of additional features, most importantly the ability to create user preferences and save and share your projects.

2. Password Reset/Username Recovery

Use the password reset link to be reminded of your username or to reset your password.

3. Browser and Device Compatibility

Model My Watershed displays best on a desktop or laptop computer and can be used on an iPad. Mobile phone screens are too small to allow you to effectively navigate the app’s many options.

4. How Do I Find My Location in Model My Watershed?

Type an address or place name in the “Jump to location or HUC” search box located near the top right and choose your location from the suggestion list.

5. Can I Use Model My Watershed Internationally?

Model My Watershed is currently only available for the continental United States because it is built with U.S. Geological Service watershed data.

6. How Do I Free-Draw a Polygon/Area Around My Watershed?

You can free draw a study area of any size and shape in Model My Watershed.

7. How Do I Save and Share a Project?

Logged in users can save and share projects and download project data to a spreadsheet.

8. How Do I Import GIS-Drawn Shape Files for My Watershed Boundary?

You can drag and drop or select shapefiles or GeoJSON files and then use that study area for all analysis and modeling in Model My Watershed.

9. Can I Add Citizen Science Water Quality Data to Model My Watershed?

Add your data to the Monitor My Watershed data portal and it will appear in the "Monitor" tab in Model My Watershed.

10. Can I Change Between Units of Measurement?

You can set your unit preference to metric or U.S. customary units in your account settings.

11. How Can I Print/Download My Results?

Instructions for sharing projects, printing maps, and downloading data, shapefiles, and GeoJSON files.

12. What Are the Sources of Model My Watershed Data?

Learn the sources of Model My Watershed's animal data, enhanced Delaware River watershed data, and land coverage data.