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MapShed Watershed-Modeling Tool Guide

Learn about this GIS-based watershed modeling tool that uses hydrology, land cover, soils, topography, weather, pollutant discharges, and other critical environmental data to model sediment and nutrient transport within a watershed.

1. Introduction

Dr. Barry Evans and his group at Penn State Institute of Energy and the Environment worked to improve the ArcView Generalized Watershed Loading Function.

2. How MapShed Works

With MapShed, a user selects areas of interest, creates model input files, runs the simulations model, and views the output in a series of seamless steps.

3. MapShed Walkthrough

These screenshots demonstrate how to use MapShed. You can also view MapShed video tutorials in a later section in this document.

4. Software Downloads

Links for the MapWindow, MapShed, and GWLF-E applications, as well as maintenance downloads.

5. Data Downloads

Download MapShed demo data, Pennsylvania state-wide and region-specific data, and regional and section data for New York and New England.

6. Additional Documentation

Download the PRedICT users manual, GIS projection information, Best Management Practices Pollution Reduction Guidance Manual, and the original RUNQUAL manual.

7. Video Tutorials

Watch video tutorials about 13 different aspects of working with MapShed.