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Monitor My Watershed Leaf Pack Data Manual

Monitor My Watershed lets you share and explore macroinvertebrate data from the Leaf Pack Network. Monitor My Watershed is part of the WikiWatershed toolkit.

1. Introduction

Leaf Pack Network monitors use tree leaves and aquatic insects to determine the health of their stream and to understand its ecology.

2. Create an Account

Click the Sign Up button on the Monitor My Watershed homepage and fill out the registration form.

3. Edit Your Account

Instructions on how to edit your account after registration.

4. Add, Edit, or Delete a Site

Learn how to add a new site, edit an existing site, or delete an unwanted site.

5. View and Follow Sites

Learn how you can view your own sites and how to browse and follow sites belonging to others.

6. Enter, Edit, and Delete Leaf Pack Data

How to enter new data from your Field Data Sheet and Biotic Index Data Sheet, and how to edit or delete existing data.

7. View and Download Leaf Pack Data

Learn how and download data from sites belonging to you and others.

8. Credits

Read the list of documentation contributors and collaborating organizations behind Monitor My Watershed.