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6. Additional Documentation

6.1 PRedICT Users Manual

  • Download PRedICT Users Manual at
    Download size: 1.27 MB | Version number: 7.1 | Last modified: February 2008

6.2 GIS Projection Information

GIS projection information for the demo and Pennsylvania datasets.

  • Download GIS Data Projection Information at
    Download size: 13.9 KB | Version number: 1.0 | Last modified: October 3, 2011

6.3 Best Managment Practices Pollution Reduction Guidance Manual

Guidance manual for various agricultural best management practices (BMP).

  • Download BMP Pollution Reduction Guidance Manual at
    Download size: 5.79 MB | Version number: 1.0.0 | Date created: November 30, 2001

6.4 Original RUNQUAL Manual

Original Runoff Quality From Development Sites users manual (Cornell University).

  • Download the original RUNQUAL manual at
    Download size: 147 KB | Version number: 1.0.0 | Date created: June 30, 1993

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