WikiWatershed is a web toolkit designed to help citizens, conservation practitioners, municipal decision-makers, researchers, educators, and students advance knowledge and stewardship of fresh water. WikiWatershed an initiative of Stroud Water Research Center, a global leader in freshwater science.

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Help with, an innovative web-based resource to support aquatic insect identification by citizen scientists.

Webinar: Introducing the WikiWatershed Toolkit to Educators

This webinar introduces WikiWatershed and then focuses on the Model My Watershed web app, which demonstrates the effects of land use and best management practices on your local streams and watersheds.

Exploring is a web app that bills itself as "an explorable resource for stream insect identification."

Low-Cost DIY Datalogger Board Now Available, part of the WikiWatershed toolkit, is excited to announce that their new custom Arduino-based Mayfly Data Logger board is now available on Amazon. You can purchase the datalogger board alone or buy a starter kit that includes the board and all t...[Read More]

Leaf Pack Network® Investigates Stream Health

The Leaf Pack Experiment Stream Ecology Kit is a hands-on kit that measures the numbers and kinds of aquatic macroinvertebrates to determine overall water quality.

Introducing Trout Grow on Trees

Trout Grow on Trees is a hands-on education program that spotlights the connection between healthy forests, healthy streams, and healthy trout populations.

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