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Low-Cost DIY Datalogger Board Now Available

Low-Cost DIY Datalogger Board Now Available, part of the WikiWatershed toolkit, is excited to announce that their new custom Arduino-based Mayfly Data Logger board is now available on Amazon. You can purchase the datalogger board alone or buy a starter kit that includes the board and all the accessories you need to get started logging your environmental monitoring data.

New Datalogger Board Easier to Use, Packed With Features

Scientists at Stroud Water Research Center developed the new datalogger board and it has been eagerly awaited by the DIY environmental monitoring community. It is similar to some of the boards we’ve used in the past, like the Seeeduino Stalker, but we also added a lot of features and functionality to make it even easier to use.

About the Datalogger

The EnviroDIY Mayfly Data Logger Board is a powerful, user-programmable microprocessor board that is fully compatible with the Arduino IDE software. It features the ATmega1284p processor, which is much more powerful than the 328p chip found on most other Arduino boards. It has four times more flash memory for sketches, eight times more RAM, and almost twice as many input pins.

The memory card socket, RTC, and solar charging features make it very easy to use this board for data logging and low-power operation. But it can also be used by itself, or with a wide variety of devices and accessories. The Mayfly can be powered by a 3.7v lithium battery or through the microUSB port. Programming can be done through the microUSB port or via the FTDI header.

Read more on the dedicated EnviroDIY Mayfly Data Logger Board support page.


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