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Sensor Data Help

Monitor My Watershed® is a data portal that allows you to share and explore do-it-yourself environmental monitoring data. It currently hosts EnviroDIY™ sensor data and Leaf Pack Network® macroinvertebrate data. Monitor My Watershed is part of the WikiWatershed® toolkit.


Forum and GitHub

Have a question about sharing sensor data on Monitor My Watershed? Before submitting a question by email, please do the following:

  • Search the EnviroDIY forums for similar issues. If you don’t find the answer, try posting your question on the forum to allow EnviroDIY community members to help.
  • Check GitHub for known issues (see below).

Known Issues

GitHub logoMonitor My Watershed is under development and there are a number of known issues. Check our GitHub issue tracker to see known issues and GitHub milestones to see scheduled bug fixes and feature additions.

Here are some of the most significant known issues:

  • Users being warned that site is unsafe due to expired SSL certificate FIXED
  • Error when attempting a password reset FIXED
  • Website timing out when uploading CSV files
  • Registration form says organization name is optional but it is currently set as required FIXED
  • Uploaded sensor data not appearing in Times Series Analyst FIXED
  • Uploaded data not appearing/not filling gaps

Still Need Help?

If you’ve reviewed the resources and still need help, or would like to report a bug or request a feature, please use our contact form. GitHub users are welcome to report problems in the issue tracker.

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