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Monitor My Watershed Help

Monitor My Watershed Help

Monitor My Watershed® is a data portal that allows you to share and explore do-it-yourself environmental monitoring data. It is part of the WikiWatershed Toolkit and currently hosts EnviroDIY™ sensor data and Leaf Pack Network® macroinvertebrate data.

Requesting Help

Monitor My Watershed is under active development by a small, hardworking team. If you encounter an issue, we ask that you please follow these steps:

  1. Review the resources above.
  2. Check GitHub for known issues.
  3. For sensor data, search the Monitor My Watershed forum on EnviroDIY. If you don’t see your issue, please register an account and make a forum post. This gets your question in front of the Monitor My Watershed team and other EnviroDIY community members who can help.
  4. If you’ve thoroughly reviewed the resources and haven’t found an answer, use the form below to submit a help request to the tech team.