Show My WatershedWikiWatershed® is a suite of web-based tools designed to assist citizens in managing water resources. When fully developed, it will leverage open source software and will function as an open collaborative resource for the community.

  • Model My Watershed® is an innovative web-based hydrologic model that uses real GIS data to show how land use impacts local hydrology. The model allows users to change conditions to see how best-management practices decrease runoff.
  • Monitor My Watershed® includes a data portal that displays streaming data from government agencies and research scientists.
  • Manage My Watershed® (under development) is intended as an online community with social networking and organizing tools.
  • Work In My Watershed provides videos of professionals working in watershed-related positions.

Grant Funds National Expansion of Model My Watershed®

The expanded module will help high school students across the country learn how land use impacts freshwater quality in their own geographic regions.

Stroud Water Research Center, in collaboration with the Concord Consortium and Millersville University of Pennsylvania, received a $2.9 million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to dramatically expand Model My Watershed (MMW), part of the WikiWatershed® suite of online tools. This application allows users to explore how land use affects stream ecology and hydrology.

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