Welcome to WikiWatershed®

A cybercollaboratory for watershed protection, analysis, education and management

WikiWatershed® is a suite of web-based tools designed to assist citizens in managing water resources. When fully developed, it will leverage open source software and will function as an open collaborative resource for the community.

As “Wiki” implies, content will be primarily contributed, enhanced and maintained by the user community.  The site will enable users to share geographically-tagged data, photos, videos, comments, educational curricula, simulation models and other tools on streams and rivers.

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MoShow My Watersheddel My Watershed® (NSF DRL #0929763) is an innovative and intuitive web-based hydrologic model that uses real GIS data to show how land use impacts local hydrology.

The model allows users to change conditions to see how best-management practices decrease runoff.


icon-discoverMonitor My Watershed™ is a set of web-based training materials on biological, chemical and physical water quality techniques. A Real-Time Data Portal is currently available for the Christina River Basin, displaying streaming data from government agencies such as NOAA, USGS and research data from scientists working in the watershed.

icon-shareManage My Watershed™ is an online community with social networking and organizing tools allowing members to post questions and answers, opinions, photos, videos, and event listings for their communities.

icon-manageWork In My Watershed provides videos of professionals working in watershed-related positions.