Model My Watershed®

Model My Watershed (NSF DRL #0929763, DRL #1418133) is an innovative and intuitive web-based hydrologic model using real GIS data to show how land use impacts local hydrology. It allows users to change local conditions to see how best management practices (BMPs) decrease runoff.

We are expanding the application’s capacity by integrating flood, storm-surge, drought, crop and geologic hazard modeling. These new models will assist citizens and professionals in evaluating environmental risks and planning responses.

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Project Goals

  • To engage and excite students about STEM careers essential to addressing environmental issues.
  • To enable students to use real data to predict how environmental changes affect the hydrologic cycle in their local watersheds.
  • To allow students to simulate modifying conditions, algorithms, and their watershed by drawing new surfaces or structures on the landscape.
  • To help students share their findings with other students and schools using an online communication platform.

The model is currently under development and testing with students and teachers and continues to be modified on an ongoing basis. We have three applications that are in various stages of refinement, including a simple water balance simulator, Show My Watershed, and Modify My Watershed.

Simple Water Balance Simulator

Learn how changes in rainfall amounts, the surfaces on which the rain falls, and soil texture change where the water goes. (Generic Model)
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Real-Time Data Portal

See streaming hydrologic and weather data from government agencies and scientists working in the watershed.

(Currently for Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware, the application will be expanded nationwide.)

Show My Watershed and Modify My Watershed®

We’re sorry, the Show My Watershed and Modify My Watershed apps are temporarily unavailable. To get an idea of how the app works, you can view video tutorials or take a look at educational materials we’ve developed.

Our Simple Water Balance Simulator app is still available for learning how changes in the amount of rainfall, the surfaces on which the rain falls, and the texture of the soil change where the water goes.