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2. My Account Page

Last updated on 2022-05-27

2.1 Profile

Once you have created an account, you can access the details of your account by clicking on your user name in the upper right hand corner of the black bar. You can edit your name, organization, postal code, user type, and country on the “Profile” page.

Unit Conversion

You can also switch units for any of your projects units by selecting either “Metric” or “US Customary” on your profile page and then “Save changes”. Now, if you re-open a project, your units will all be converted to the new units option selected.

Please note, that to propagate this change in any projects saved to HydroShare, you will need to export your project once again.

2.2 Account – API Key

Developers will be most interested in our public web-service Application Programming Interface (API). This modern REST API allows anyone to access nearly every function of Model My Watershed from their own custom scripts or software, written in Python, R or any other modern programming language.

This API is our first step toward building two-way interoperability with HydroShare, an online collaborative environment for sharing hydrologic data and models that we will leverage for advanced sharing capabilities for Model My Watershed projects, best management practices (BMPs), and eventually monitoring data.

Please explore our API which allows you to try the service from a web browser, or read the RESTful Web Services: A Tutorial for more background. Note that to use our API, you will need to register for an account on the Model My Watershed web app and get your API Authorization Key/Token, which is available in the new My Account pages.

2.3 Linked Accounts


HydroShare is an online collaboration environment for sharing data, models, and code. In Release 1.22 (March 2018) we unveiled a powerful new way to share Model My Watershed projects, so that others can find, view and copy any Model My Watershed model project that has been shared publicly.

This new Share capability leverages CUAHSI HydroShare, an online collaborative environment for sharing hydrologic data and models. To link your account and share your projects to the HydroShare data portal, follow the steps outline in the Saving and Sharing Your Project section.

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